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Basic Needs

Basic Needs Overview 


Food on the table. A safe and secure place to call “home.” These are basic needs for everyone in Robeson County. Unfortunately, many of our friends and neighbors are unable to provide these essentials for themselves or their families. Many more residents live at risk, living month to month in situations where a sudden job loss or health crisis could be devastating. In Robeson County, the median income is $32,407 per year, but the cost to provide basic necessities for a household - a single parent with two small children - is over $43,000.  And that's just the basic necessities like housing, food, utilities and transportation. (Data from US Census and NC Self-Sufficiency Standard.)

In addition, there are some times of crisis which demand immediate, specialized attention. Victims of violence, natural disaster, or fire often need immediate help from trained caring professionals and United Way funding helps provide these services to some of our most vulnerable residents.

Covering these basic needs is the first step on the path to success. We are committed to helping everyone get there.

For more information contact our office at 910-739-4244

For immediate assitance contact NC 211 by dialing 2-1-1 or visit