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Health and Wellness Overview

All individuals and families should have access to a primary care physician and affordable healthcare. We are working to address access barriers to healthcare in our communities, as well as supporting pregnant women so that babies are born healthy and stay healthy.

The United Way of Robeson County  is committed to promoting healthy behaviors and ensuring residents of Robeson County have access to quality physical and mental health care. Together with numerous partners, we’re helping thousands of people in our community lead healthier, safer, stronger and more productive lives.

Through Southeastern Behavioral Health Paramedic Partners, one of our funded community partners, we are able to ensure that Robesonian county residents have successful follow up care following a hospitalization or emergency room visit.

Our funded partner, Southeastern Hospice House provides supportive care and services to residents who are terminally ill and to their families.  



UNCP Healthy Start Corps

The mission of Healthy Start Robeson is to enhance the perinatal service system in Robeson County while strengthening community empowerment.

The focus of Healthy Start CORPS is to eliminate disparities in perinatal health and empower communities to address the factors contributing to perinatal morbidity and mortality while ensuring that every woman and infant gains access to and continues care within a comprehensive family centered health delivery system.


The goal of the program is to reduce the number of infant deaths and low-birth weight babies in Robeson County by providing case management services to females for up to twenty-four (24) months after delivery while providing the community with health education classes on nutrition, self-esteem, HIV/STD, Drugs and Alcohol, preterm birth, breastfeeding, and postpartum depression while maintaining strong linkages with local and State Title V perinatal services.